LalA’s Story: “Women should not be objectified and judged”

My first experience with street harassment was about nine or ten. I have always had broad hips and large breasts which made me appear to be older, Ever since then men always go out of their way to honk their horn, follow me as I walk home and say I have nice ass. One day I was sick and needed a bottle of ginger ale. I decided to walk to the corner store in shorts because it was hot and half way there 4 cars honked at me. I turned back, changed my clothes and put on a long pair of pants and a sweater (No hips, no curves, no nothing showing in the hot heat). Still another 3 cars honked their horns at me. Women should not be objectified and judged like an item on an auction list and shouldn’t have to limit themselves in the way they dress to accommodate and hopefully repel creeps like them.