A week in our shoes: AROUND THE WORLD

Dear Hollabackers —

Here’s what happened this week around the world:

Hollaback! Baltimore posted a video of their confrontation with a harasser at their amazing PROCLAIM NO SHAME! event this past weekend. Way to hollaback, Bmore!

Hollaback! Appalachian Ohio did a workshop with the women at the Southeast Ohio Regional Jail and had a woman pledge 100 hours of community service once she is released.

Hollaback! Berlin’s amazing Cats Against Catcalling compilation was featured in Bitch Magazine. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can download the entire thing for FREE here! They will also be having an info session at the Randgestalten Festival.

Hollaback! Victoria, BC is doing a skill share with a local forum theatre veteran this weekend!

Hollaback! Czech celebrated Prague Pride! They represented at the inaugural party at the mayor’s house, did a week-long tabling event, were interviewed on their work, conducted an interview with Adam Bouska and Jeff Parshley, the founders of the NOH8 campaign, and did a Hollaback/NOH8 photoshoot!

Hollaback! LA has brand new postcards to show off!

Hollaback! Winnipeg was on CBC Manitoba Information Radio this morning talking street harassment!

Hollaback! Hamilton was interviewed by their local Take Back The Night organizer!

Hollaback! Ottawa’s campaign for safety on their local transit continues! Site leader Julie was on CBC All In A Day radio. She was also interviewed by the Ottawa Sun about some of OC Transpo’s proposed safety changes as well as by CBC about a recent sexual assault on transit. They got a tip from a reader about some safety issues at a local bus stop and so they went to check it out. They had several more press mentions this week in pieces regarding safety on public transit, too– one in the Metro and two in the Ottawa Citizen.

Hollaback! Boston posted a recap of their very first Take Back The Bar event, as well as the Defend Don’t Offend rally they attended with local organization Close To Home last week. They also made signs for a rally they plan to attend this weekend for Women’s Equality Day. They welcomed a new Outreach Coordinator, Brenda, to the team and shared a video that was sent to them following the chalk walk at HOLLA::Revolution. You can listen to them tonight on Let’s Talk Action radio.

 HOLLA and out —

The Hollaback! team

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