Month: July 2013

Raven’s Story: LAPD Refuses to Help

CAUGHT ON TAPE: On July 2, 2013, I, a sex worker, was attacked by a trick. When I called the LAPD, THEY REFUSED TO HELP ME, which is why I started COPWATCHING! Here is what happened!   [youtube][/youtube]

HOLLA ON THE GO: Cuttin’ Him A New One

While waiting for the bus, a man drove by me twice hollering out the window at me, and twice I flipped him off. The third time he pulled over in front of my stop and began to get out of the car to help me get in for “a ride”. Apparently none of my vulgar … Continued

N’s Story: “assume I am a commodity”

More times than I can count I’ve been walking in Seattle and been yelled at from cars by men. Things like “how much are you?” and “I’d ride that all day.” My style varies and I’ve been yelled at like this in a dress with tights, jeans and a tshirt, and short skirts. It doesn’t … Continued

Rose’s Story: Total Bus Bums

I work very early in the morning and I occasionally take the bus rather than walking to work if I’m running late. This morning I was waiting for the bus, reading a book and two men walked up to the bus stop. They got very close to me and told me I was beautiful and … Continued

Anna’s Story: “remembered for my boobs”

When I was a freshman in high school, a large group of older boys at school thought that the most hilarious running joke would be proclaiming their love to me over and over again. It did not help that I was physically mature for my age. On Valentine’s Day, they sent me over 30 carnations … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Hey, Baby…Sitter

I was buying something in my local shop for a girl I was babysitting, when the creepy shopkeeper said, “oh, are you buying her a treat? You look like you could do with a treat”, before looking at my chest and winking. I promptly walked out of the shop, but not before I heard him … Continued

Lynn’s Story: Make-up and Misogyny

So today I went to K-mart with my grandma I was wearing my TMNT shirt & it has a lot of purple on it so i wore purple eye-shadow to match it. I had on just normal eyeliner top/bottom & mascara no foundation/cover up anything like that, & I asked her if I could go … Continued

KH’s Story: Such a Pig

A man started yelling at me from across the street. I tuned him out before I heard much of what he had to say, and flipped him the bird while my boyfriend yelled back at him. He was very disrespectful and a pig and I hope he’ll learn to leave other women alone and act … Continued