Sarah’s Story: Bombarded Bachelorette

I am visiting Santa Fe for a wedding. While my boyfriend and his friends were out at the bachelor party, I decided to take a walk to stretch my legs and explore the town square. I’m wearing a track jacket, unflattering shorts and dirty hair. I got some ice cream and picked up the local alt weekly. On the walk home, a car full of dudes pulled up beside me. It was very dark and I couldn’t see them. One yelled, “Yo, you have some sexy legs, what time do they open?” It startled me and made me mad, so I flipped them off. One yelled something about me sticking my middle finger in my ass. They rounded the corner of the block I was walking on, and one yelled, “When can I hit it?” as they disappeared.

I flashed back to a time when I was a young teenager and a harasser had circled the block while I was taking a walk. It really scared me, so I ran as far as I could, hoping I could beat them before they circled the block. They didn’t come back, but I went home alone and freaked out.