Andrea’s Story: Helluva Hollaback!

I stopped at Walgreens before a dressy event, and I was in a short dress and high heels. Before I crossed half of the parking lot, someone leaned out of his parked car, honked the horn, and yelled “hey baby!” I glared at him and said “NO.” A few seconds later he repeated himself and I said “that is not okay” and continued in.

When I came out, he was still there, and yelled something like “how you doin?” At this point, I stopped and walked toward him (I know, I know–I was livid but shouldn’t have approached). I said “Don’t do that. It is not flattering for you to yell at me from across a parking lot when I’m walking by myself. It’s creepy.” Of course he had some lame excuse about thinking I was someone he knew, and said I was overreacting anyway.