Carla’s Story: “humiliating, degrading, scary, and completely illegal”

Took cab ride from 3rd & Market to 2nd & Tasker. At the end of my ride, I paid cabbie plus tip and proceeded to try and leave the cab. But the cabbie had locked the door. So as I struggled to open the door…

I said: “could you please open the door?”
Cabbie said: “say baby”
I continued to try and lift door lock myself but he had his hand on the front seat lock button or something.
Cabbie said: “wait… say, open the door baby please.”
I said: “open the door please”
Cabbie said: “no you have to say the whole thing with baby”
I said: “open the door baby please”
Cabbie unlocked the door and I got out.

This was very humiliating, degrading, scary and completely illegal to keep someone against their will. I never thought about the power dynamic while getting a cab ride. That being said…

I did not get cab company name
I did not get cab number
I did not get license

I know.. not good. These things all escaped my thought process at the time, was just trying to get out of cab.

It was reported to police and documented so if this happens to anyone else please, if you remember, note any information that you can and report it.

I am going to start taking quick pic of cab number every time I take a ride at the “beginning” of every ride.

2 responses to “Carla’s Story: “humiliating, degrading, scary, and completely illegal”

  1. Seriously, you did the RIGHT thing–you know why? You’re safe.

    So glad you were able to share–tons of ehugz and hope you get some real ones from your safe friends/family.

    Photo of cab at beginning = brilliant. Be good to you.

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