Meet Us On The Subway: Pt II

Part Two of Kara Lieff’s great documentary!

On April 13, 2013 Philadelphia organizations and community members participated in International Anti-Street Harassment Week. The day consisted of sidewalk chalking, discussing HollabackPhilly’s new SEPTA ads, and a debrief in LOVE Park.[vimeo][/vimeo]


One response to “Meet Us On The Subway: Pt II

  1. Being male its probably a rare fact that I fully understand how women can be threatened by other men who come onto them in the street, shops, parks etc etc. I have said this before that I am not that type of man to blatantly go up to a girl and behave in such a disrespectful way. Don’t get me wrong I have been out and seen someone attractive and thought she looks nice but never would I ever dream of persecuting her to a point where I either become annoying or threatening. This to me is just puerile behaviour and needs to be noted as a criminal offence, rather like stalking is now perceived.
    I speak for all the decent men out there, we do exist not all of us have our brains in our genitals and one can only apologise for such rude and arrogant behaviour from I would say a minority.
    To the men and boys who act like there is no tomorrow What’s wrong with saying Hey you look pretty fancy a coffee? And if given the answer no then take that as a no.
    I fully support this cause and hope it gets somewhere.

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