Laura’s Story: “I was so ashamed”

I grew up in a house of 4 brothers plus my father. Being the only female was never any different to me because my father raised us all to be equal and everything my brothers did, I could too. Things are so much different when you grow up and introduced to the real world. Today I was downtown shopping with my friend and while she was distracted shopping I was looking around and unfortunately caught sight of two young males. They were undressing me with their eyes and talking things to me that I couldn’t make out because of how nervous I was. They kept at it and I couldn’t look them in the eye and give them a dirty look, like I am now used to doing. I didn’t tell my friend and I couldn’t even look at the people who had witnessed it. I got home and cried because I was so ashamed. I felt ashamed that I couldn’t stick up for myself like my dad and brothers had taught me.