Amy’s Story: “I felt extremely uncomfortable”

One day, my best friend came over to have a movie marathon with me. Since I was inside, I felt comfortable wearing a pair of thighs and a fringed shirt.We ran out of water, so we decided to go and buy another bottle. I felt too lazy about changing attire,and since it was extremely hot outside,I didn’t see any problem in wearing those clothes. At the market, two men, late teens-early 20’s looking, were waiting behind us at the cashier.They started to point at my behind, laughing and making inappropriate remarks about my body. I was just doing what I do whenever I am verbally harassed, smiling and ignoring the harasser, acting like I don’t give a damn. In reality, I felt extremely uncomfortable, but I kept on pointing at food and telling my friend how much I like this and that, pretending I was unaware of them.I thought my friend didn’t notice,but when we walked out of the shop, she half-jokingly told me to dress up properly when I’m hanging out with her, or else she will pretend that she “doesn’t know me”. I was shocked that she wasn’t siding with me in the slightest. And the worst thing in this whole situation was that I was barely 13 back then. I was harsh with myself for wearing an outfit that wasn’t even supposed to be deemed as sexual. Happenings like these are why I want to end slut-shaming.