Month: June 2013

Mary’s Story: “No one even flinched”

So, this past new years eve (2012), I was visiting my friend studying abroad in England. We decided to brave the crowds and head down to the Thames River to watch the fireworks. We were about one block behind big ben. It was extremely crowded, obviously. Because of this, some group of asshole guys that … Continued

Arnee’s Story: Grisly Gawker

I was jogging/walking & had passed this guy who was hanging out with his friend’s family. After I was done jogging for a while, he yelled, “Girl! put some pep in your step.” I kept walking away & then he yelled again, “GIRL! PUT SOME PEP IN YOUR STEP!!!” I turned around to glare at … Continued

Kera’s Story: “just trying to walk around”

I’m walking to the public library that is across my small town from where I live. I was walking alone (yes I am in highschool walking through my city alone, but I keep my hand in my pocket with my keys between my knuckles at all times, as my town is known for douchebag stoners … Continued

Cat’s Story: “not taking this crap anymore”

My new years resolution is not taking this crap anymore, so I am posting again because this week has been full of harassment. Thursday June 6th, 2013 A guy followed me for three blocks. I had my phone out and was violently texting people my location, and had my pepperspray in hand. I walked as … Continued

Kendall’s Story: Barkin’ up the Wrong Tree

I was walking down Jordan, one of the most traversed roads in my town, and this old beat-up truck pulled over and slowed to keep pace with me. The guy in the truck rolled down his window and let out a long, loud wolf-whistle, eyebrows waggling, the whole shebang. I decided if they were going … Continued

K’s Story: Never-ending Nuisance

There is a major intersection between my apartment and the nearest grocery store. Almost every time I walk there, at least one man harasses me. Usually it’s some guy telling me to smile or calling me “babe” or “sexy.” No amount of rolling my eyes or talking on the phone deters them. But every now … Continued

Meghan’s Story: “Porn Star”

I was on light rail with my bike, and a tall 30-something drunk (reeking of booze) guy came up to me: “you is so motha fuckin cute. yo eyes go. they goooooo” I said thanks and looked away. I was wearing headphones, I hoped he would get the memo. He then proceeded to poke my … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Seedy Stare

VA-bound yellow line at about 1:15am Sunday: a slightly tall male of average build in his mid-30s followed my fiance and me onto the metro. He stared at me on his way onto the car, sat down across from us, and continued to stare for about 15 min. Then, he got up, while staring, and … Continued

It Gets Better…When You’re a Straight Man

This excerpt is taken from Vitamin W, with permission. Once I became a man, I was finally legally married. A few years earlier, while still a woman, I had married my wife, but the backward state where we live didn’t recognize our union. Once my name was changed from Mary to Mark, we were legally … Continued

Week In Our Shoes: Some Holla Hellos!

Hey Hollas! It’s time for a REVOLUTION! As many of you know, Hollaback! is holding the FIRST EVER international conference on street harassment–Holla::REVOLUTION! Featuring speakers, activists, and performers! Put the date on your calendar: JULY 25th @ New York University! Get more info & your ticket here!                   … Continued