Month: June 2013

Alex’s Story: Bookstore Creeper

I’m a freshman, and my school’s campus is in the center of my city’s CBD. So I leave school when the bell lets out, I start walking down the street, and almost immediately i notice some older guy is walking behind me in an almost forcefully casual manner. He’s a ways off behind me, so … Continued

K’s Story: Halting Hollaback!

I have very short, bright red hair and people often compliment it. A guy with his two friends, a very affectionate married couple, said he liked my hair. I said “thank you” and kept walking. He added “grow it longer, it’s too short to pull on now.” I stopped, turned, and completely dead-pan asked “why? … Continued

Katie’s Story: Filing for Freedom

I was in the library of the University of Central Oklahoma, working on a research project for one of my classes. This guy was sitting about two computers down from me, about twice my size. He was giving me the creeps because I could see him staring at me, so I shut down the computer … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Taking Control

At 13 years old I was harassed. I was walking with a group of friends to a school dance when these four men pulled over and whistled at us- a group of young girls- cat calling and saying things like “cute ass”, “what’s your name, baby?”, and “come party with us”. It made me and … Continued

Renee’s Story: Poison Kiss

It was my junior (and first!) prom, and I was super excited to be going. My friends and I agreed to meet outside of the building where prom was held, to take pictures and head to dinner. The girls and I were about to head across the street to get dinner when a truck full … Continued

Shelbie’s Story: Learning Young

I had just moved to Oklahoma City with my mother after she got remarried, and decided to go to the nearby 7-11 since I had a few dollars and was trying to get to know the area. I was on foot, and when I arrived and walked through the parking lot this guy smoking in … Continued

Kayla’s Story: “…make some money”

I was on my way to McDonald’s when an older looking man put his hand on my shoulder. I took my headphones out and to see what he wanted. I assumed he needed help or directions, or something like that. He proceeded to squeeze my shoulder and look me in the eyes, asking me if … Continued

Mia’s Story: Passing By

So I’m sixteen and this is more or less the second time this happens to me where I get catcalled out by some random guy(s). I was at the mall with my cousin and I was wearing a long blue skirt that exposed one of my legs, heels, and just a black long sleeved shirt. … Continued

Amy’s Story: Whopping Wink

I was walking to the store with my boyfriend and two close friends and it was about 9pm. My flat is only about a five minute walk from the supermarket but you have to cut through a park, and it’s normally filled with underage drinkers so it was no surprise we had to walk through … Continued