Month: June 2013

J’s Story: Avoiding at the Airport

I was sitting at the gate waiting to board my flight when a group of men and one woman sit near me. I was listening to music and trying to watch a video that my friend had sent me when I noticed the men kept trying to interact with me. I wasn’t sure if I … Continued

K’s Story: Leering Lads

I was exiting Dollar Tree when I noticed two men (30’s or so) staring at me and muttering to each other as they entered another store. I walked across the street to another business, and was recommended to the store back across the street. I entered, got the estimate I was looking for, and I … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: The Power of Two

So I was at a restaurant with my friend. She went to the bathroom and this guy, who was at least 25, came up to me and started hitting on me. I told him I was 15, but he wouldn’t back off. There was barely anyone in the seating section where I was, so no … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Unwelcome Creep

I was staying in shelters when I was 18 and I would read the newspaper inside cafes until the shelter opened up at night. One morning a sailor from out of town who had been out all night clubbing asked to sit down at my table. After a ten min conversation not only had he … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Savvy Savior

This was years ago, but it wasnt until now that I had a venue in which to share it safely. I was on a very crowded Q train when a man boarded at a stop & squeezed in behind me. As soon as the train left the station he started rubbing against me. After a … Continued

Fern’s Story: A Very Stressful Morning

I was walking through Cal Anderson Park after a very stressful morning. I walked past some guys sitting by the water fountain. They yelled at me and called me beautiful and told me that I sure have a pretty smile and they would be happy if I smiled for them all the time. I did … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Disgusting Dude

So today I was trying to help one of my teammates with a project and this fucker blatantly stares at my ass, gets his buddies to look, talks about it like I’m not there then asks if I’m a lesbian when I tell him to stop! This is fucking humiliating! He was throwing shit at … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: Bicycling Menace

I was walking back to where my boyfriend was working on the truck, hoping no one would yell at me, but then some guy starts talking to me from behind. He rolls up in a bicycle asking me questions. I try to ignore him but finally tell him to fuck off. He, of course, doesn’t. … Continued