Beatrice’s Story: Yelling Back to the Bros

It was a Friday night and I was out with 6 of my friends at the mall. It was the mall where everyone would go to after school so we went there regularly.

We were dressed in our school uniforms walking around. We reached this part where not many people went so when we were walking, we saw no one but another group of boys. I saw them before from afar, whispering and looking at us. I became a little uncomfortable because I knew that they were talking about us.

As my friends and I were walking, the guys started walking towards us. I was looking at all of them (they were about 5) to see if they were up to anything and then this one guy suddenly shouts “DAMN!”. My friends looked confused and uncomfortable but I let him go. A few seconds after, another guys says “DAMN GIRL!” and then another, and another. When we were quite far from them, the guys stop and look at us as we walk away. I can felt them staring so I looked back. When I did, this guy winked at me, gave me a big smile and said “BYE, GIRLS!”

I felt disrespected and really angry since they were being rude for no good reason at all so I gave them the finger and screamed “F*CK YOU” and walked away with my friends.

When they were out of sight, I talked to my friends told them how rude it was of them and they said that they didn’t even know it was directed at all of us which made me think about the thousands (or even millions) of people who get harassed everyday without knowing. Nobody should be able to just disrespect you like that. You shouldn’t let it pass.