Nat’s Story: “that would be really sick”

I was coming home from a gig at around 1am and there was a car parked next to a bus stop. I didn’t pay much attention to it but as i passed it the guy started driving and asked if i was on business. My immediate answer was “no, sorry”. And as i said it i felt so stupid, why did i put that “sorry” in there, i do hope it’s just because of living in UK the last couple of years and everyone being quite polite and not because some strange subconscious psychological need to apologise for not being a prostitute and leaving the guy unsatisfied, because that would really be sick. This happened yesterday but i still feel kinda dirty, i guess thats the word, why would he even think that i do that. Yes, i admit it, someone assuming i was a prostitute makes me feel bad. No, i have nothing against prostitutes. There is a positive side to this though. I was wearing flat boots, jeans, t’shirt and a cardigan, so yeah, dressed extremely casually, yet got asked the question i got asked. So, those people who think that girls get harassed because they ask for it by wearing a sexy dress and accordingly can be blamed for it themselves, know nothing. I’ve had more unpleasant experiences when im not showing any skin at all than when i am.