Kate’s Story: Cash Register Creeper

I was at a local grocery store a few years ago and a 30-40 year old man got behind me in the check out line. He was talking on his cellphone and then apologized to me for being rude and stated that he was French. I said it was fine and he kept making small talk and I was being polite. He said he worked at GMU, the school I was trying to get admitted into, and asked if I would give him my phone number. Not getting terribly creepy vibes (yet) but still wanting to be safe I gave him my email, thinking that he would be a useful connection. But soon after this he started emailing very often, probably weekly for a solid month or two, inviting me to coffee and tennis and I never responded, because at that point I was definitely creeped out. He eventually gave up. Flash-forward to a couple of years later and I’m at another grocery store and I am in a random aisle when I see the SAME MAN on his cell phone and speaking French (really obvious french words: merci vous cous, etc. over and over again. It was pretty obvious no one was on the other line). Every aisle I turned down he would show up and I kept trying to randomize to avoid him because he would get walk past me staring and trying to get my attention. I got what I needed and went to the checkout counter where he got in line behind me still repeating French on his cell. Then he started to apologize to me for being on the phone and telling me that he was being rude and he was sorry and that he was French. SAME FUCKING CONVERSATION. And over two years after the first encounter. I again said it was fine but made no small talk and high tailed it the hell out of there hoping he wouldn’t remember that he had pulled this shit on me previously and that he actually had my email. And this same fucker came up to me about a month or two ago, this time in a local store. Same routine: incoherent French on his cell home, following me around aisles and trying to apologize for being rude on his phone as a way of initiating conversation. It is really uncomfortable and he invades your space and is extremely persistent. So for anyone who lives in the DC or NoVa area if you encounter this man, who appears to use this ploy at grocery stores around the area regularly, please involve the store security immediately. I know I will if I ever have the misfortune of running into him again.