Hannah’s Story: Brave Bystander

I go to a middle school and in my art class we were glazing our pottery and this one obnoxious guy came up to this girl and started to ask her questions that made her very uncomfortable. These were innapropiate questions that no one should ask ever such as “are you a whore?” “are you a virgin?” She even yelled at him to stop, but he kept getting closer and even tried to vandilize her work so I said to him politely ,”Hey thats not appropriate behavior and you should never ask someone those kind of questions please leave her alone.” He responded with “shut the fuck up nosy bitch!” And I say “you should never talk to somewhone like that!” And he just keeps going “I can say whatever the FUCK! I want fuck fuck fuckity bitch bitch bitch!” He also threw a paper towel at me. Im just happy he turned his attention away for that girl…The bell had rang and I didn’t have time to get the teacher on him…I wish I could have done more though for the girls he likes to harass.