Shelbie’s Story: Learning Young

I had just moved to Oklahoma City with my mother after she got remarried, and decided to go to the nearby 7-11 since I had a few dollars and was trying to get to know the area. I was on foot, and when I arrived and walked through the parking lot this guy smoking in his car rolled down the window and yelled “Hey girl! Come here!” I wondered if he needed something (and I was only 16-17ish and hadn’t experienced this sort of thing until now), so I approached the passenger side with caution and didn’t get too close. He then leaned over and asked me what my name was and where I lived. I was struck dumb by this but backed away, now really scared and just replied with “I’m going inside.” I ignored him as he kept yelling at me and quickly went inside. He didn’t leave for a while, but I called my mother and told her to come pick me up. It was a serious eye-opener for me, and I just really don’t understand how some people think it’s okay to do that sort of thing. I’m really glad there are sites like this, because some people really don’t know how bad it is until they read these stories. Will definitely be spreading the word.