Amy’s Story: Whopping Wink

I was walking to the store with my boyfriend and two close friends and it was about 9pm. My flat is only about a five minute walk from the supermarket but you have to cut through a park, and it’s normally filled with underage drinkers so it was no surprise we had to walk through a group of them.

As we approached one came up to me and demanded to try on my hairband, which had cat ears on it. His friends were all snorting in the background and they obviously weren’t very pleasant, so I stopped walking and turned to him and told him, “No you can’t try these on. I’m actually part cat and cannot take these off.” and I continued to walk on.

Of course then him and his friends started calling me a stuck up bitch and how I needed a good lay and they were happy to do it for me. I could see my male friend and boyfriend getting angry and my girl friend too so I decided for once I wouldn’t ignore them.

I turned around and walked straight up to them and said loudly so all could here “Honey, I’d spread my legs for you but you wouldn’t have the faintest idea what to do once I’d done that.” Then winked at him and walked off with my friends. It shut them up pretty fast.