Hana’s Story: Creepy groper get a facefull of coffee

I live in Tokyo, an generally the worst thin that happens is getting your butt touched by some creepy on the subway at rush hour. It isn’t fun, but you learn to wear big heels and crush business men’s feet. Or, they will just open their wallets and ask you how much.

But the most problems you will ever get are from other foreigners. For some reason, they act like complete assholes. It scares a lot of japanese people, too, but I am from New York so when someone says something to me, I am not just going to go down without a fight. I have screamed and one one occasion smacked a man who grabbed my ass while walking by in Shinjuku.

I got out of a live at 10pm and went to grab something to drink from Starbucks, as I had just spent 5 hours at a rock concert getting the crap kicked out of me. I was wearing my usual concert gear and had gotten some rather awful stares, so I was already on edge.

As I walk up to the Starbucks, this foreign guy in a suit comes up and slides his hand along my side and says “hello”. I brush him off and, shaking, go into the store.

The sweet boy at the register gets my drink and compliments my hair, and I felt a little more human rather than a piece of meat.

I go back outside with my coffee and go to walk away and here is this guy, who once again tries to cop a feel. So, I throw my coffee on him and start screaming in English, which causes quite a commotion. The guy bolts, a bunch of Japanese people are staring at me like I have completely lost my shit (and I all truth, I had) and my hands are covered in cold coffee..

I went back into the store. The sweet boy behind the counter saw what happened and he gave me some napkins and got me a new drink, for free.

Sometimes, you really just have to throw something at them to get them to leave you be. I don’t think he will be bothering anyone for a while. I hope everyone stared at him the entire way home as he had to sit in his sticky, wet suit.