Ella’s Story: Put up a “STOP LOOKING AT ME” sign

I live in a block of units next to what seems to be an elderly couple, and more than a handful of times, I have noticed both the husband and wife have peered into my window to look at me, whether it be while I’m on the phone, to undressing.

My housemate decided to put a sign on my window saying “STOP LOOKING AT ME” when he noticed I was getting quite anxious about going into my room (even after closing my curtains, there’s still a small gap you can see through).

We got a call from the real estate, saying he complained about the sign (which proves my point that he’s been looking into my window), and said that if we don’t remove it, he will put a more vulgar, abusive sign as retaliation, so we removed the sign. I had to then explain to my real estate agent what happened, and all she said in response was empathetic, because she admitted her neighbour stalked her once, but she said “they probably have nothing better to do with their time”.