Cat’s Story: No day at the beach

Every year my college has an event where students go to the beach and build elaborate sand sculptures. I have macromastia so unfortunately I get a lot of unwanted attention whenever I wear a bathing suit. There were a few very uncomfortable instances.

1) While my team and I were building our sandcastle a guy came up and started snapping pictures with a cellphone camera. At that point I had been working on a minor detail and was away from the main piece. He kept pointing his camera in my direction so I used the sand mound I had built to hide my chest. He finally gives up and leaves.

2) There was another creepy photographer who was also trying to take photos of me when I was trying to fly a kite and enjoy the ocean. I turned away from him (hopefully in time). I’ve seen albums and photos on flickr and reddit where people have snapped photos of other people and included them in their “personal collection.” I’m scared that someone did take a photo of me.

3) When I had gotten out of the water numerous men and women openly stared at my breasts and made me feel very uncomfortable.

4) One woman said “I don’t envy you.” I suppose this comment was made in regards to my breasts, but I don’t even know. I hadn’t gestured to her or made any sort of indication that I thought she envied me. I wasn’t being show off-y or anything. Even if I was, what gives her the right to comment on my body?

TL;DR: My day at the beach was ruined because people are creepy assholes and believe that they are entitled to take photos of or make rude comments about people’s bodies.


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  1. I have had many similar experiences but, early in my life, was intimidated to the point where I mainly  avoided the beach.

     When I did go, I wore cuttoff jeans with a minimizing bra, a hidden tight  tee over that, and a loose oversize shirt over all that.

    All summer I hide my chest to avoid these experiences.

    I have become expert in hiding my chest in public, and in winter and fall clothing making 
    the condition as  invisible as possible. I dress very conservatively.

    Yet the inappropriate reactions of others has had a major impact on my development  as a person.

    The real question needing discussion here is how to best preserve one’s sense of self in the noise.

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