Isabel’s Story: That’s No Delivery Man

Once when I was 12 years old I was walking home from a piano lesson. I could hear a man yelling angrily behind me and no one was responding, but being so young and in a public space, I assumed I was being paranoid and that he was yelling at someone on the phone. This is especially in light of the fact that it was winter and I was short and wearing thick winter clothes. Either way, I was definitely creeped out, so I crossed the street and took a different route home. As I was approaching my block, I could hear increasingly aggressive yelling coming from down my street, in the same direction from which I had been coming. I panicked and prayed that it wasn’t some maniac with a gun, and ran inside my house. Shortly afterwards, the doorbell rang, and since it was dark out I couldn’t see through the peephole. I was home alone and I thought maybe my mom had forgotten her keys, and opened the door. A tall man with a nondescript plastic bag was standing there (it didn’t even look like anything was in the bag), and he said “Uh I have a delivery for this address.” I told him “we” hadn’t ordered anything, and he said “but I have your address here” and clearly didn’t have any address written down and was not dressed like a delivery man, nor did he have a bicycle or vehicle. I quickly apologized and closed the door on him, and locked it, but I could see that he was still standing on my porch for a while. I grabbed a knife and went back to my room, but fortunately my mom came home and nothing happened. I was very much shaken by the experience, especially when I saw they arrested the man in the local newspaper for stalking and raping/groping young women.

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