Month: May 2013

Week In Our Shoes: Spreading The Holla Worldwide

Here’s our weekly update: As part of the RaiseForWomen Challenge with the Huffington post and Half the Sky, Hollaback! Intern Julia Daye published a piece on in the Huffington Post titled “Shaping Stories of Violence: Power of the Online Bystander.” Check it out! Hollaback! Chennai covers the story of a street harassment workshop in Kadapa, … Continued

J.P.’s Story: “I used to feel safe”

Stopped into a pub for a nightcap and some food after attending a fun lecture elsewhere. I used to feel safe at this neighborhood pub but things have changed. I sat at the far end of the bar where there are no gambling machines and drank my wine. Drunk guy comes over from mid bar … Continued

Hana’s Story: Creepy groper get a facefull of coffee

I live in Tokyo, an generally the worst thin that happens is getting your butt touched by some creepy on the subway at rush hour. It isn’t fun, but you learn to wear big heels and crush business men’s feet. Or, they will just open their wallets and ask you how much. But the most … Continued

Natalie’s Story: Holla-ing Back Even When Outnumbered

I was in the Albertson’s grocery store by myself in the middle of the day when I noticed one employee trailing me. I turned on to another aisle and saw him meet up with other employees and they all began catcalling, making weird little sounds while blatantly staring at me. I was trying to find … Continued

Week in Our Shoes: Hollaback! Employer Guide Launches!

Dear Hollas– Its been a big week for Hollaback! We just launched our first ever Employer Guide! The guide outlines options for employers, unions, and service providers for addressing street harassment. We foresee this being a valuable tool for workplaces in raising awareness and addressing street harassment in support of their clients and employees. So share, share, share! This week … Continued