Month: April 2013

HOLLA ON THE GO: Consent, dude. Figure it out.

I was walking down the street the other day and some guy whistles at me and tells me “oh, what I’d like to do to that ass”. I told him to fuck off and he proceeded to call me a bitch. Why the fuck do people think its okay to call people a bitch when … Continued

Anti-Street Harassment Poem by Nura Rose Sala

  Safe I was in rush I was late for school I was wearing my beautiful new red heels I was in a hurry ,but I felt good I needed to catch that bus I crossed the street slowed down by the high school there were one or two guys hanging out in the yard … Continued

Soph’s Story: Z-Block Bully

During student elections in 2011, an EPIC supporter tried to get me to vote for EPIC just outside the polling booth thingy in Z block. I said basically “lol fuck off”. He then yelled at me “why don’t YOU fuck off you fucking tranny faggot!” Classy. [got_back]

Louise’s Story: Just Keep Walking

One of the most memorable things I’ve had shouted at me was when I was walking down the pavement of a main road just outside of Cheltenham town centre late at night. Generally speaking it’s a pretty safe area. I was unaware of the 3 men walking behind me a little way back until one … Continued

Katie’s story: “suck my….”

In the middle of the afternoon I took my puppy outside to relieve himself. An SUV with a male driver and at least one male passenger was driving down Avent Ferry toward me. As the vehicle passed, the male in the passenger seat yelled, “Suck my dick!” The SUV sped off too fast for me … Continued