Week in Our Shoes: Happy Anti-Street Harassment Week!

Dear HOLLAs —

Our Catapult Campaign Launched this week! With your support, we’ll bring our site leaders together in person for the first time ever.

Here at the mothership this week —

  • PRESS: We were on Huffington Post Live this week! Watch out Deputy Director Debjani REPRESENT! Debjani also rocked our socks talking to DNAinfo about Anti-Street Harassment week and our upcoming chalk walk. Hollaback! got a pretty nice shout out in MTV Act followed by Patrick McNeal’s awesome piece on LGBTQ harassment featuring Hollaback! in the Huffington Post.
  • TRAINING. Last Friday, our Deputy Director Debjani trained 58 9th graders at the High School of Fashion Industries, and last Saturday I trained over 50 Stanford students on how to build a movement at the Stanford Women’s Leadership Conference.
  • EVENTS: I attended the Youth+Tech+Health conference in San Francisco and moderated a panel on Technology solutions to prevent gender-based violence with panelists from Futures without Violence, Scenarios USA, and the University of Chicago.  Our board member Allison Sesso and team members Debjani and Jae went to the release of the white paper, “The Future of Online Feminism” at Barnard.
  • ADVOCACY: On Wednesday we flyered east Harlem with Councilmember Lappin and Senator Serrano. We also met with Councilmembers Recchia, Ferreras, and Fennario this week.
  • PARTNERS: We met with our partners at New Yorkers for Safe Transit this week, and I met with the incredible Aspen Baker from Exhale in San Francisco.


Here’s what happened around the world —

  • Hollaback! Edinburgh would like to welcome Dominic Hinde to the team’s organising committee. Read here about what brought Dominic to Hollaback!
  • Hollaback! Boston spoke at the Take Back the Night event at Bridgewater State University. They are also leading a chalk walk on Saturday, April 13th.
  • Hollaback! Polska started the Week by participating in a live radio broadcast on April 7. The broadcast is a weekly Sunday series titled “Enough with violence.” Hollas discussed the definition of street harassment, ways to react to it, what should be done to end it. They also focused on legal issues, especially the Polish anti-discriminatory law and its flaws. The site is participating in a debate in Warsaw on April 12 titled “NO to harassment in school and on campus” focusing on student safety and what should be done to better safety measure.
  • Hollaback! Sheffield is full of events this week! On monday, the site participated in a discussion workshop with Sheffield Feminist Network. Tuesday, they had a anti-street harassment craftisim workshop. Wednesday, holla hosted a screening of the film, Cairo 678, the story of three women and their daily experiences of sexual harassment in Egypt. On thursday, they Chalk Walked!
  • Hollaback! NYU and NYC are joining forces to host an anti-street harassment rally and chalk flyeringwalk on April 13.
  • Hollaback! NYC flyered in East Harlem this past week with Council Member Jessica Lappin,encouraging passersby to stand up against harassment and attend this weekend’s rally. Their rally will be in conjunction with Hollaback! NYU and a whole list of other incredible organizations!
  • Hollaback! Brussels is posting an amazing series of positive bystander stories this week. On April 13, they are leading a #ShareTheStreets Walk. Hollas will be walking around Brussels, leaving “gifts” for people to find around the city. The gifts will have little messages attached in order to start up conversation, a street dialogue of gifts to each other, promoting unity the rising up as bystanders. Brussels’ site also features a pretty awesome post by their kickass volunteer, Anna Claire. Read about her perspective on rape and harassment culture. Super relavent to all that we are working on this week!
  • Hollaback! Victoria did a chalk walk.
  • Hollaback! Baltimore will be on a panel discussion at University of Maryland and Maryland Institute of College Art.
  • Hollaback! Buenos Aires is hosting a self-defense workshop as well as a discussion group and film screening.
  • Hollaback! Kathmandu organized Reclaim The Streets, a week-long improvized street drama to reclaim the streets. They will do exagerated scenes of harassments & hollabacks at all the main public transport hubs around the city at rush hour each day.
  • Hollaback! Gent are doing SIX chalkwalks all around the city of Gent AND was interviewed on the news about their anti-street harassment work!
  • Hollaback! Melbourne will be speaking at the Melbourne Free University Panel on “Structures on Inequality: Men, Women and Power on the Streets.” On Sunday they will be holding Chalk Walking on Sydney Road.
  • Hollaback! Croatia is doing a presentation on the Zagreb campus.
  • Hollaback! Athens is hosting a self-defense class and a screening of the movie War Zone.
  • Hollaback! Appalachian, another brand new Hollaback! site was featured in The Athens News this week!
  • Hollaback! Dublin is doing an anti-steet harassment chalk walk.
  • Hollaback! Fredericksburg organized a chalk walk and an anti-style shaming photo-meme project and
  • Fburgcollaborated with Fredericksburg All Ages to engage local youth via share 3 acts about standing against street harassment.
  • Hollaback! Belfast lead a chalk walk featuring PORTABLE SIDEWALKS! They also celebrated with local artists, speakers from different local advocacy groups. Awesome.
  • Hollaback! Philly is working in partnership with FAAN Mail and engaging the community this week. Hollas are talking to SEPTA riders about Hollaback! Philly’s new anti-street harassment ads in the train cars, asking them to share their reactions.
  • Hollaback! Montreal hosted a free, bilingual workshop on bystander intervention. The site was also covered by The Link regarding the awesome work they are doing for Anti-Street Harassment Week 2013!
  • Hollaback! Ottawa met with OC Transpo officials this week and had quite a breakthrough. Officials listened to the case posed by Hollaback! Ottawa and is now open to the idea of a public service announcement or public education campaign to address harassment on transit and hopefully equipping bystanders with ways to intervene. YAY!! Also, check out this awesome article about in the Ottawa Citizen about what our hollas are doing!
  • Hollaback! Dresden did some chalking around the city this week. Check out the pics on their site!
  • Hollaback! Chandigarh posted a series of bystander tips on their site this week in honor of international anti-street harassment week. Check them out!
  • Hollaback! Italy did an anti-street harassment chalk walk in Milan! Find out how the walk went and look at their beautiful pictures!
  • Hollaback! Des Moines is hosting an Anti-Hate Prom, a dance party to promote dancing in safe, harassment free spaces.
  • Hollaback! Halifax addresses the tragic story of Rehtaeh Parsons. This young woman’s story is a meaningful example of the possible repercussions of not only gender-based violence, but also years of harassment and bullying. This is yet another message for us to keep fighting this good fight.
  • Hollaback! Philly was covered in both News Works this week!

An incredible week — thank you all for making it happen. End the week on a good note by donating to our campaign.


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