Leigh’s Story: “This is rape culture.”

Got street harassed walking into work tonight. When I told him to fuck off and that I wasn’t looking for his attention and that my body was not a commodity for him to enjoy, he got super pissed off and started yelling at me, saying shit like, “what the fuck’s the matter with you, i just called you pretty, you fuckin bitch”, etc. etc. This is rape culture. This is someone who saw me (mind you, dressed in a jeans and sweatshirt), and decided that I was something to be commodified and ogled, and when I rejected that desire, they got offended and acted like something they were entitled to was taken away from them. I’m just glad I was close enough to the door to get inside before anything could possibly happen. The asshole had two black eyes and looked strung out as fuck, so I’m sure he’s just a perfectly CHARMING individual.