Week in our Shoes: VAWA Victory just in time for Women’s History Month!


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Guess what. VAWA passed yesterday! We had a little dance party in our office to celebrate (above). It passed just in time for Women’s History Month which begins tomorrow March 1. International Womens Day is next friday, March 8. Whether you’re hosting or attending events this month, this is a great opportunity to get the word out about street harassment and what Hollaback! is all about. Here are some ideas for what you can do in your community!

We got some kickass media coverage this week. First of all, Hollaback! won the TEDx City 2.0 prize! Check out the video here:

Also, Hollaback’s story happens to be in the spotlight on The Story Exchange!

Hollaback! is partnering with Eileen Fisher! On Saturday, March 23rd, Eileen Fisher will donate 10% of their total sales throughout all 9 of their New York stores to Hollaback! BUT we need need 7 more volunteers for the event. EVERYONE, if you or any holla-involved folks you know are able to help out that day, please send an email to [email protected]


Hollaback! NYC tabled at Hunter College’s annual VDay Fair alongside several awesome NYC women’s organizations this thursday. New York hollas collected stories, did some harassment mapping, and spoke to students about street harassment and violence.

Hollaback! Edinburgh is getting some media attention this week for the great work they are doing with their street harassment questionnaire! If you or anyone you know lives in the Edinburgh area, have them fill it out!

Hollaback! Philly’s comic book campaign has officially launched! Philly is creating a very awesome anti-street-harassment comic book in partnership with Philly artist Erin Filson! AND they need your help to make it happen. Visit the project page and help get the word out and get some funding!

Hollaback! Brussels spoke in front of the EU Parliament! On February 22, Brussels Hollas presented on the subject of street harassment. Site leader Angelika sat on the panel in Parliament’s discussion titled, Is it a man’s world? The Sexism Debate in Germany and Beyond. Amazing!

Hollaback! Halifax had a very important meeting this past Monday with the Halifax police department communication team, the deputy chief, an Avalon representative, and an advocate from Stepping Stone to discuss the police department’s new crime mapping method and its limited usability and exclusion of sexual assault as a public safety risk. Way to be on top of things, Halifax!

Hollaback! Buenos Aires is shedding light on another upsetting aspect of sexual abuse and harassment. It is called “frotismo” and although we don’t have a we don’t have a word for it in english (we really should), it is important to know about. Frotismo is the act of rubbing one’s genitals against someone else without the other person’s consent. This happens A LOT–in clubs, crowded subways, concerts. Check out Buenos Aires’ post for more information on it. The site is also collecting stories from people who have been the target of this behavior. If you or anyone you know has a story to tell, tell it here.

Hollaback! Melbourne is planning away for this upcoming year! Melbourne is revving their engines for a year of events, political action, story collecting, and awareness raising about street harassment in local high schools. Next Tuesday, March 5, Melbourne is starting a new weekly tradition called Takedown Tuesday where every Tuesday Melbourne will hollaback at cruel or misogynist comments and articles right on their blog. So, if you come across articles, comments, opinion pieces or blog posts related to street harassment that come from a misogynist perspective that really makes your blood boil, send them to [email protected] and they might be featured in the next Takedown Tuesday! Way to break the silence, Melbourne!

Hollaback! Alberta has put together a lovely photo collection of their One Billion Rising activities. Check it out and see what they were up to!

Hollaback! Winnipeg’s site leader Jodie Layne came out with a kickass bystander piece this week on her blog, Kickaction. Need a little refresher on the power of bystanders? Check it out!

Hollaback! Ottawa got invited to St Francis Xavier High School as part of their educational ‘Mental Health Awareness Day’! Hollaback! Ottawa spent the day discussing street harassment with students and the way in which systemic violence affects the whole of our lives, including our mental health. Way to go!

Hollaback! Chandigarh is getting the word out about the Chandigarh Police’s new initiatives to increase accessibility. This is very good news. Chandigarh is also engaging in the debate now arising in India, “Do women have too much power?” So, hollas…what do you think? Finally, in a post this thursday, Chandigarh highlights for us how the India’s 2013 Budget will directly impact women.

Hollaback! Dublin covered a paramount issue of violence against women and its connection to poverty around the world. The site summarizes the powerful words of Michelle Bachelet, Executive Director of UN Women, after her visit to Dublin last week for her announcement that Dublin is signed on to the UN Global Safe Cities Initiative.

Hollaback! London just published the second issue of their print publication, Langdon Olgar. You can read the introduction here and/or buy a copy directly!

Hollaback! Boston is helping get the word out about the similarities between rape and racism via the fact sheet produced by Men Can Stop Rape. Boston also put together a pretty awesome compilation of people’s worst catcalls. Check it out!

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