Week In Our Shoes: WE’RE ON FIRE!

Hey everyone–

This week here in New York City, a young gay man was approached and beaten by six strangers on the subway. The incident happened on a train car FULL of people who did nothing to help him. You can read Laura’s statement here about the tragic incident. TheBystander Pic six-on-one public beating that began as “just” another episode of harassment, is a truly shaking reminder of the power and responsibility of bystanders. Whether the situation is street harassment or other kinds of violence, bystanders don’t have to get hurt to get involved. Usually all a situation needs is someone to speak up, even in just a few words, to stop the escalation of harassment. Find out how to be the best bystander ever through the I’ve Got Your Back campaign on our site.

Women’s History Month is March and starting just a few days! This is an awesome opportunity to let your imaginations run wild with ideas on programming, events, and all kinds of fun street harassment awareness-raising projects.

Also, just a heads up, Anti-Street Harassment week is April 7-13! Check out Meet Us On The Street to find out ways to participate.

This week, Hollaback! got a shout out in GOOD, in the amazing Courtney Martin’s recent article discussing data collecting and social trends. Very awesome!

More awesomely, check out what our hollas of the world are up to:

Hollaback! Berlin was interviewed on FSRN last week during One Billion Rising. The report covers V-Day all around the world and our hollas are the voice of Berlin! YAY! The site also made a pretty fantastic looking “No means no” (Nein bedeutet nein) poster. Check it out!

Hollaback! Czech Republic has completed their One Billion Rising VIDEO! Our site leader Gail Whitmore is featured 2 minutes in — congrats Gail!

Hollaback! Poland just published their research in the University of Oslo Centre for Gender Research Academic Bulletin (check out the last page). The study was done by Hollaback! Poland site leaders Joanna Roszak and Greta Gober. The results clearly demonstrate that harassment in public spaces is a widespread phenomenon in Poland, and at the same time, largely unaddressed in Polish legislation and public debates. Awesome work, Hollaback! Poland.

Hollaback! Halifax’s site leader, Rebecca, wrote a public statement addressing Halifax police department’s new crime mapping method’s limited usability and its exclusion of sexual assault as a public safety risk. Hollaback has a critical role as an important viewpoint when it comes to issues of public safety. Way to hollaback, Halifax!

Hollaback! Buenos Aires was featured in The Occupied Times this week! The article, titled “Organising Ourselves to Beat Harassment” was written by our Buenos Aires site leader Inti Maria. The piece details the establishment and growth of ¡Atrévete! BA, or Hollaback! Buenos Aires. This week, the site also did a beautiful tribute to the esteemed feminist Audre Lorde. Check her out!

Hollaback! Melbourne wrote a pretty awesome post this week about what it means to be male versus what it means to be female when dealing with street harassment.

Hollaback! Brussels covered last Thursday’s One Billion Rising events. Check out what Hollaback! Brussels was up to for V-Day 2013!

Hollaback! Ottawa is continuing their fight against harassment on public transit. After meeting with City Hall last thursday about the issue, the site wants to come up with a community plan addressing harassment on transit. If you have some ideas for Ottawa, holla at them via [email protected]

Des Moines

Hollaback! Boston has been covering some awesome art on street harassment. Check out the work by the amazing Tatyana Fazlalizadeh on the site.

Hollaback! Des Moines’ site leader, Becca Lee, was honored as an official “Vagina Warrior” by Drake University’s Student Activists for Gender Equality. Site leaders also joined a group of community organizations to talk with attendees about anti-violence initiatives, healthy relationship dynamics, and safe, consensual sex. Great job!

Hollaback! Israel did a HOLLAWho? Interview with Chloe Safier this week. Read all about Talya from Hollaback! Israel, how the site got started, and why she hollas.

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