Emily’s Story: I didn’t ask for your opinion about my body!!

I was at a gas station filling up my car and I was craving a chocolate milk. I left my car hooked up to the pump and proceeded in the store to grab what I wanted and waited in line. There were these guys at the register in front of me who exited the store once they finished paying. As I was leaving the store, I noticed the three of them were standing outside very close to the doorway. I immediately tensed up and kinda just focused my eyes on my car as I exited anticipating these men to say something. As soon as I stepped outside, one of them said something but I couldn’t make out what he had said. I just ignored him and kept speed walking to my car. When I hung the pump back up, I noticed they were walking past my car towards the road. One of the men literally stopped mid-step to tell me “You have a nice ass”. I immediately became infuriated and felt disgusted. I wanted to walk up to him and knee him in the balls. What the hell compels a man to openly speak his opinions about my body? I didn’t ask for your opinion or invite any comments. The clothes that I was wearing certainly werent provocative so what was this dicks excuse? I am sick and tired of having to ignore these pigs who think it is ok to make women feel uncomfortable while she is getting gas for her car and a chocolate milk… I realize he only said five words to me but thats all it takes sometimes to make me feel disgusting and like an disrespected object.