Week in Our Shoes: DEAR JOHN EDITION

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Dear Amazing Hollas—

First and foremost, our Dear John Campaign has launched! The project was spearheaded by our “Mover of the Month” and blogger Tanisha Ramirez in solidarity with One Billion Rising. If you or anyone you know has a bone to pick with a harasser (I mean, don’t we all?), send a Dear John letters to [email protected]!

In other news: Hollaback! just won top three safety apps of the 2013! A big thank you and congratulations to Jill Dimond, our Hollaback! developer, as well as Josephine Hall and Amy Palamountain for their hard work and bringing us to this great honor. Also, our Deputy Director Debjani and I were on a Pure Imagination radio show last Friday, listen in, and I had the honor of going to the MAKERS premiere on Wednesday night. The three-hour PBS documentary airs on Tuesday, February 26 at 8PM ET on PBS (check your local listings).


Now let me just say, WOW this has been an impressive week for Hollabackers all over the world! Here is what they’re up to:

Hollaback! Halifax was on the radio this week! Listen to Halifax hollas on CBC Maritime Noon discuss what drove them to start Hollaback! Halifax and how people can respond to street harassment. Way to go!

Hollaback! Boston did a team interview this week with our blogger Chloe Safier. Read about why these hollas came together to start Hollaback! Boston. The site is currently raising awareness about the issue of street harassment and race which you can read about here. Also, check out Hollaback! Boston’s response and very necessary continuation of this week’s Jezebel article,”How to Talk to a Woman Without Being a Creep.”

Hollaback! Baltimore did an interview with our blogger Rita Pasarell this week. Find out how hollas Shawna and Melanie got started with Hollaback! and what gets these girls ticking. Also, Hollaback! Baltimore turns 2 years old this week! The site is celebrating with a pre-party and epic Terribly Two birthday bash this Friday. Happy Birthday, hollas!

Hollaback! Brussels got an awesome shout out this week on the blog Brussels is Love, in a post by the author on the tragic objectification of women and harassment that often follows.

Hollaback! Gent’s Ilse wrote a great response to a rather inflammatory article in De Standaard online publication. Way to hollaback, Ilse!

Hollaback Israel is fighting harassment on public transportation! Yes, this is part of our story too, folks. Public transportation should be safe and accessible to everyone.

Hollaback! Philly is planning for their day of action on February 19 where they will work in partnership with various UN affiliated organizations to reach out to legislators to make the city of Philadelphia a safer place.

HollaBack!BLN is teaming up with the super fabulous Riot Grrrl Berlin for their next compilation titled, “Cats Against Catcalling.” Very cool.

Hollaback! Italy is getting ready for One Billion Rising in Italy! In their most recent blog post, Italy reminds us that this upcoming V-Day is very much a paramount gesture of unity and solidarity as women.

Hollaback! South Africa did a profile on different types of street harassers, helping to provide the anti street harassment community with a straightforward way of determining who we are dealing with each time we are harassed.

Hollaback! Birmingham joins forces with the University of Birmingham’s Zero Tolerance Campaign against harassment and bullying. Working side by side with the university, Birmingham hollas are collecting stories and raising awareness of about harassment.

Hollaback! Edinburgh interviewed the amazing Fiona Elvines, the Operations Coordinator at Rape Crisis South London and researcher on street harassment. Read all about Fiona’s incredible research in the interview posted on Edinburgh’s site.

Hollaback! London’s took part in the Reclaim the Night anti-Rape march in Cambridge. Hollaback! London site leader, Julia went up to give a talk at King’s Chapel following the march. Check out details about our London hollas’ participation in this important citywide event!

Hollaback! Des Moines has launched their first internship program. A very warm Hollaback! welcome to Des Moines’ Spring intern Tessa Hopson! Tessa is currently finishing her PharmD with a concentration in women’s studies at Drake University.

Hollaback! Croatia is raising awareness about the health education happenings in Croatia. Check out their site for a wealth of information!

Hollaback NYU’s Sarah Khan did an exciting HOLLAWho? interview this week with Krista Bedosky. Read how Sarah got started with Hollaback! and how she fights daily street harassment in New York City.

BRILLIANT job this week everyone. What a team! Big week coming up next week, so keep up the momentum, and  I am so excited to see what we do!


HOLLA and out —




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