WEEK IN OUR SHOES: Holla’ing Back Through the Public Mic


Dear Hollabackers,

This week was full of excitement with Hollabackers all over the world planning up a storm for One Billion Rising and, in countless creative ways, continuing to get the word out about Hollaback! and our continuing fight to end street harassment. Here in New York, after reading Wednesday’s Gawker article highlighting New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s habit of regularly degrading women, we decided to holla-back with this public statement. If you haven’t already, please read it and share. This is an example of how harassment is NOT a cultural issue or a class issue; it’s a global issue that arises at all levels of society. Now is as good a time as ever to fight back and speak out.

Now, lets hear what our amazing sites around the world have been up to:

Hollaback! Berlin has been active in recent online discussions on harassment in Berlin. In recent weeks, the city of berlin has seen an amazing upsurge of women reporting their daily encounters with street harassment throughout social media. In the midst of all this inspiring speaking out, Hollaback! Berlin has done a great job getting the word out about Hollaback! in German blogs such as Femgeeks and Antiprodukt. Check them out!

Hollaback! San Francisco is getting ready for One Billion Rising. Check out the awesome pictures from their flash mob rehearsal last weekend!

Hollaback! Boston has put together an an anti-street harassment new years resolution list. In three easy-to-remember steps, Hollaback! Boston keeps us working towards a harassment-free 2013.

Hollaback! RVA has had quite a week! The site held a successful meeting this past Wednesday, collecting stories about harassment that they will be posting on their blog. Keep your eyes peeled for accounts of street harassment coming from Richmond next week. Hollaback! RVA is also revving its engine for One Billion Rising in Richmond. They are doing some great collaborative work with OBR RVA and are in the middle of preparations for a big Hollaback! RVA benefit. Super exciting stuff.

Hollaback! Istanbul is getting the word out on their site about some disturbing new research on the self-silencing of many women when they feel they are outnumbered. Harassment is very much woven into this story of this silence. Hollaback! pushes against violence at all levels, including the violence of of being silent, especially when in the face of to gender-based harassment. Yes, there is much work to be done!

Hollaback! Italia is doing great work publicizing their work with One Billion Rising Milan. Check out their rehearsal photos and updates on preparations for the big day!

Hollaback! Baltimore is in their final preparations for their birthday bash next Friday, January 9. There will be birthday games, music, dancing, live performances, and pizza donated from our friends at Johnny Rad’s!

Hollaback! Brussels has been standing in solidarity with LGBTQ organizations against the Russian Federation’s potential passing of discriminatory legislation that would limit the rights of the Russian LGBTQ community. Read the account of their incredible day of solidarity. Hollaback! Brussels is also getting ready for One Billion Rising. Plans for a V-Day filled with discussion, a chalk walk, and dancing are well underway. Brussels Hollabackers are doing some great coordinating with other organizations in the area, assembling a flash mob and a V-Day after party.

Hollaback! Alberta is attending the U of A International-Week 2013 theatre production that depicts real-life stories from individuals who experienced gender-based harassment. Also, Hollaback! Alberta’s very own Lauren Alston did a big interview this week. Read it and find out the story of Hollaback! Alberta from beginning to now and where these Hollabackers plan to go from here.

Hollaback! Winnipeg‘s director, Jodie Layne, speaks out about policies in schools that try to control women’s bodies and choice of clothing in Thursday’s article, “Leggings Off Limits” in the Winnipeg Free Press. Read Jodie’s powerful response to recent restrictions on everyday choices of young women.

Awesome work this week everyone! Keep it truckin’!

HOLLA and Out-


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