Month: January 2013

KG’s Story: No Means No

So I have a couple different stories and both of them happened when i was 16. I’m 20 now. I hope it’s ok that i am sharing something that did not happen to me recently. i just really want to share them because i think it is great that this hollaback thing exists and i … Continued

Whitney’s story: We’re not laughing.

Hello I am new here, I know I’m going to be laughed at for this, but I need to free this pain from my chest. being dropped off to my very first “Job Interview.” I’m not sure or can’t seem to remember my age at the time, but I’m thinking around 15 to 16 maybe?. … Continued


Dear Hollabackers— Welcome to our weekly update! First of all, we are so excited to welcome our brand new interns: Jae, our International Movement Building/Legislative Intern, Julia, our Communications Intern, and Lindsay, our Development and Research Intern! We are excited to have you three on our Hollaback! team. Hollaback! has no doubt started this year … Continued

Pari’s story: interpreting politeness

I was standing in the metro. Some guys were standing next to me ( They didn’t understand german, just arabic, so I assume they were from an arabic country, although this isn’t a matter of nationality) and were chatting, they seemed to be in their 20s. I want to add that I directly came from … Continued

GG’s story: My dad was within feet of me.

My car broke down on the side of a busy but small road during 5 o’clock traffic. My dad was with me and he was standing outside looking under my hood. I was way too uncomfy to get out of the car because I was wearing a short dress and wasn’t anticipating having to stand … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: half-reptile

Was driving. Stopped at the light. Look over to my right and some guy in another car is staring me down. Looked straight ahead and looked again and he’s flicking his tongue at me like he’s half reptile. [got_back]

HOLLA ON THE GO: Advice needed.

I have gone to my friends’ house to meet him as he was not well. After sometime, we decided to go out for a light stroll. Some boys standing outside the apartment abused me without any reason. My friend got angry but I asked him not to loose his patience as they were in large … Continued

A week in our shoes: MAKERS EDITION!

Dear Hollabackers, 2013 is off to a roaring start! First off, a big THANK YOU to the MAKERS project for creating six awesome videos about our work. My favorites are “Pissing People Off” and “Progress.” Second, congrats to our partners at GirlTank for releasing their first video of girl-innovators, featuring me alongside SO MANY OTHER AMAZING … Continued

HOLLA ON THE GO: #pathetic

For some reason even though I have my two kids with me and my wedding ring on my hand men still come up to me it’s really pathetic. [got_back]