Month: January 2013

HOLLAWho? Meet Alberta.

This interview with Alberta’s site leader Lauren Alston was conducted by Lauren Bedosky. 1.) When did you start your HOLLA? I started working on the Alberta chapter of Hollaback in September of 2010, but Hollaback Alberta officially launched April 1st, 2011. 2.) Why did you start a HOLLA and what does Hollaback mean to you? … Continued

Blair’s Story: Walk in the other direction

Walking back to my dorm from the campus library after studying late into the night, I had to cross a busy intersection. While waiting to cross, a car turned down the cross street, slowed down next to me and a guy in the passenger seat said “I like mine thick,” to me and just gawked … Continued

Kara’s Story: Holla-ing Back!

At this time in my life I was doing work as a costumer for my community college’s production of the Wizard of Oz. We had to work a LOT that month, so when we got our lunch breaks, sometimes I would head over to the local mall to chill out for the hour and grab … Continued

Kara’s Story: Get Lost, Screaming Creeper

My fiancé and I were taking a stroll at night near Main street in our town. There are a lot of bars down Main and it’s intersecting streets, so there were some drunk patrons leaving one of the bars that we passed by. I noticed one of them was a guy I had known in … Continued

Lauren’s Story: Just plain creepy

This happened when I was a teenager, maybe 16 or so. I was walking into a grocery store when I passed this creepy guy eyeballing me, as he walked away I overheard him say “too young” in a disappointed way. The town I was in is known for its high number of sex offenders. It … Continued

Week In Our Shoes: VICE EDITION

Hello Hollabackers!– Welcome to our weekly update! Let’s get started. The mothership got some nice press this week — we were mentioned in this MS Magazine’s article, How Some Men Harass Women Online and What Other Men Can Do to Stop It, profiled in The Story Exchange, and interviewed for Vice Magazine! When Vice starts to care … Continued