State of the Streets: Mexico City

“I realized there were no organizations or groups addressing street harassment particularly and that this was an issue that many people would talk about but had no clear way of responding to. Working for Hollaback! means that I can help provide a safe space for people who feel uncomfortable in public spaces due to harassment, a space that was not available before.” – Gabriela Amancaya


Site Leader Gabriela Amancaya launched AtréveteDF to raise awareness about street harassment and to create a space for constructive dialogue about the issue.  She is proud to report that, since the site launch and the local SlutWalk, more people are breaking the silence and discussing their experiences of street harassment.  Gabriela notes the importance of media coverage and social networking in the site’s growth, but she is most excited about the person-to-person connections she has made through Hollaback!. Gabriela notes, “The people who write to us are grateful to have a space where they can find and share information about street harassment. I think that is the main goal: to get people to feel comfortable, involved, talking about the subject, and eager to participate [in the discussion.]”  In addition to reaching out to community members, Gabriela has built relationships with local organizations that focus on youth, gender and sexual and reproductive rights.


To read our entire 2012 State of the Streets Report, click here.  Donate to keep this movement moving.


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