State of the Streets: Israel

“I see the reports of the terrible things women and LGBTQ people such as myself go through every time we go out on the street, and being part of the Hollaback! team gives me an outlet to the rage and helplessness I feel when reading these stories. I’m not helpless anymore. I can do something to bring more good to the streets of my country.”  -Maital Rozenboim

Hollaback! Israel is currently involved in a joint project with the Israeli Association of Hotlines for Sexual Assault Victims to raise awareness about the broad spectrum of sexual violence, and to point out the way street harassment is often a gateway crime that creates a culture in which other forms of sexual violence are tolerated.  Site Leader Maital notes that Hollaback! Israel’s greatest accomplishment has been to gain credibility even in the orthodox community where the word “feminist,” is frowned upon, and homosexuality is still, albeit in name only, punishable by death. Maital explains, “In short, we’ve become mainstream… We’re making a difference in the public discourse in Israel, and that’s probably the best thing we can possibly do.”

To read our entire 2012 State of the Streets Report, click here.  Donate to keep this movement moving.


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