State of the Streets: West Yorkshire

“I want to be able to walk the streets free from fear and I believe that if we stand together and take action, this is something we can achieve.  Launching the West Yorkshire site has a positive impact on me, my friends and family, and all women in my neighborhood.” – Louise Westbrooke


Louise Westbrooke and Emma Romanowics started Hollaback! West Yorkshire because of their interest in women’s rights and their own experiences with street harassment.  In their community, they have built relationships with several grassroots feminist groups as well as with local government.  They have represented Hollaback! at national conferences, held successful workshops, done radio and newspaper interviews, and overall increased their community’s understanding of street harassment. Hollaback! West Yorkshire participated in several large-scale events this year, including the Leeds Slut Walk, a Reclaim the Night Rally, and LaDIY fest, a feminist community festival in Sheffield.


To read our entire 2012 State of the Streets Report, click here.  Donate to keep this movement moving.

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