A week in our shoes: it’s almost the HOLLAdays!

Hey Hollabackers —

With our campaign in full-swing, this week’s edition is short and sweet.

Here’s the deal: WE NEED YOUR MONEY.

Sorry to be so blunt about it — but it’s true.  People think that because we’re awesome we’re rich.  That’s nice, but it simply isn’t true. Fun facts:

Number of full-time staff: 2

Number of part-time staff: 2

Office size: 350 square feet

Office phone: a cell phone we throw around when it rings

Office pens: courtesy of people at conferences with booths

Office mascot: a money tree, which sits in the Fung Shai “money corner” of our office. It sort of works, but not well enough, because…

Number of countries we’re funded to be in: 1

Number of countries we’re not funded to be in, but are anyway: 24

Number of new sites that want to launch, that we don’t have funding for: 38

Cost of a world without street harassment: PRICELESS.

JK. LOL. It’s actually not.  I know most of you think this can be done without money — but with 200 leaders and 20 volunteers, someone’s gotta coordinate, communication, and keep this movement moving. And that’s us: the mothership.

So please, help us sisters out this holiday season.  It’s time that street harassment is toast.

HOLLA and out —



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