Week in our shoes: TEDxWOMEN EDITION!

Dear Hollabackers,

Welcome to our weekly update! This week, I was honored to be invited to give a talk at the TEDxWomen conference in Washington D.C. (Click here to view the talk.) We were invited to speak because we won the TED City 2.0 Prize ! The ten winners were awarded for “innovative ideas in urban transformation.” On Wednesday I went to Rutgers University in New Jersey to speak on a panel about the roles new technologies play in ending gender-based violence. Big thanks to the Center for Women’s Global Leadership for hosting this event. Also, Debjani, our Deputy Director spoke on a panel hosted by the UN Secretary General’s UNITE campaign, on the subject of youth engagement in combating gender based violence. Thanks to Jimmie Briggs of the Man Up Campaign for inviting us!

Here’s what our Hollaback sites have been up to this week:

Hollaback Ottawa‘s site leader Julie Lalonde also gave a TED talk! Her speech at TedxSandyHillWomen is not on the web yet but here’s more info on the event.

Hollaback Croatia wants your street harassment slogans and images! They are holding a competition from 12/1-1/31 for the best work in both categories. The winner gets cash and lots of Holla love. Check out their website for more details.

Hollaback Halifax is in the news. Click here to read site leader Rebecca Faria’s suggestions about how to feel safer on the street.

Hollaback Baltimore‘s Shawna Potter was on a roll this week. First, she did a fantastic job as a panelist at George Washington University’s Global Women’s Institute event. Check her out starting at 24:35. She was also interviewed on Escape Velocity Radio.

Hollaback Alberta is co-hosting the screening of The Invisible War, a documentary on sexual assault in the US military, at the University of Alberta.

Lastly, we are sad to announce that Justine Dowden, our International Movement Intern, completes her internship this week. Justine was critical in helping to compile these updates, and gathering news and information about our site leaders and the movement at large.  We are grateful to her — and to all of you — for your incredible efforts to keep this movement moving.

HOLLA and out,


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