Month: October 2012


Dear Hollabackers, I am always excited to share how the Hollaback movement is constantly gaining momentum; and this week is no different. We’re thrilled to be a finalist in the Ashoka Changemaker’s competition. If you haven’t already, show your holla love and vote for us! Polls close on 11/6 so be sure to make your … Continued

Danielle’s story: A new strategy to end street harassment

I moved from the suburbs of Maryland into the lovely city of Washington D.C. but I seem to never be able to enjoy this beautiful city because my head is constantly down. I’ve been a victim of street harassment since I had on a training bra but never to this extent. I went from driving … Continued

Week in our shoes: CNN Edition

Dear Hollabackers, I’m excited to share all the quality work our hollabackers are doing around the world this week: CNN featured us three times this week! The article, “Hey Baby! Women Speak Out Against Cat Calls,” was put on prominent display on CNN’s website. The article was accompanied by a CNN radio broadcast where I was … Continued

Ariadna’s story: Just around the corner from our house

I was coming back home with my little sister. We were walking just around the corner from our house. Suddenly, I heard the sound of a motorbike behind me, and the guy who was driving grabbed my left buttock so hard, that I couldn’t even move…I was so shocked. I felt very disgusted and powerless … Continued