Lou’s story: This is why hollering back is so important!

I was walking on my way to work when two cars, one after the other, on the same block slowed down to “holler” at me. It took a while to get rid of the first one because i was going along with their conversation so i wouldn’t seem rude since i am new to the neighborhood. They finally left me alone after i explained that i was not interested in hanging out because i had someplace to be.

As they drove away a second car slowed down to follow me and “holler”. I told the guy that someone else had JUST done this to me and that it wasn’t gonna work. He continued by saying that i should take it as a compliment. He was very confused when i told him that it WASN’T flattering. I had to explain that it was scary, intimidating, and annoying for a lady to be followed by men in cars. He thanked me for our exchange by saying “wow I’d never heard a woman’s perspective before!” and he finally drove away.

THIS IS WHY HOLLERING BACK IS SO IMPORTANT. Many harassers have no idea they are being creepy! They think they are being nice and cool! We must stand up for each other and ourselves! I didn’t use to be this brave and I am often frightened by the angry responses post hollerback but I feel so much better doing it than when I walk by and say nothing!