Dear Hollabackers,

It’s been another productive week at Hollaback and I couldn’t be more proud of our incredible network of activists worldwide who work tirelessly to end street harassment in increasingly creative ways.

Check out People Magazine. The article was just published online and highlights our work in the “Heroes Among Us” series. To be published in a magazine with about 44 million readers shows how our movement just keeps growing bigger and bigger.

Here’s what our sites around the world have been up to:

In a very exciting move by the Scottish Parliament, a motion was passed in support of Hollaback Edinburgh‘s launch. Parliament also acknowledged Hollaback as an “influential movement.”

Hollaback Berlin is on the radio! German speakers can listen in here. Plus site leader Julia Brilling gave a brilliant speech about online activism at a feminist conference.

For the third time in two weeks, Hollaback Poland has appeared on TV. This time there was a whole program about Hollaback on the national news (watch here). Not only that but there is going to be a major piece about them in one of Poland’s biggest newspapers.

Timeout Istanbul named Kacie Lyn Kocher, Ezgi Çinçin, Nihan Güneli of Hollaback Instanbul  on a list of Istanbul’s heroines! Kacie told Timeout, ‘Building a definition and providing examples of what street harassment is, showing what it looks like and describing how it makes you feel are the first steps to fighting it.’

Let’s keep getting the word out about street harassment. You all never cease to amaze me.

HOLLA and out,



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