A week in our shoes: FRENCH GLAMOUR + 7 NEW SITES


Hey Hollabackers!

Fall is in full swing here at Hollaback.  I was in GLAMOUR MAGAZINE (in france no less!) with our site leaders from London and France (pictured above), and we launched SEVEN new sites this week!  They include:

Edinburgh, Scotland (Check out their interview in the Scotsman here, their launch party was yesterday!)
Melbourne, Australia (Their launch party was yesterday!)
Sheffield, South Yorkshire (Their launch party is tonight! Check out their mention in the F-word blog here and their BBC radio interview here, they are 1 hour 36 minutes and 30 seconds in.)
And that’s not all! Here’s what else happened:

Recommendations for policymakers! Based on our findings in the report “When Street Harassment Comes Indoors,” we made a list of recommendations for policy-makers and service providers looking for ideas to combat street harassment. Check them out and pass them on to your local legislators.

Hollaback Benefit Drag show, September 22nd at Stonewall! This Party to benefit Hollaback will feature Music Spun all night by Dj Executive Realness and two drag shows hosted by Frostie Flakes! Suggested donation at the door $5. RSVP on facebook, here.

Thank you, Vicky! As you may remember, Vicky Simister from the UK Anti-Street Harassment Campaign was here in our office helping us with social media and our new college campaign this summer. She was an incredible volunteer, and on a more personal note, became an incredible friend.  She may no longer work at Hollaback, but she’ll always be a Hollaback girl in our hearts!

Welcome, Tabasum! Tabasum Wolayat comes from Afganistan and is volunteering with us for the next three weeks before she heads off to a Master’s program at Oxford. She won awards for her undergraduate thesis on street harassment in Afganistan, and is currently working with Young Women For Change to launch Afganistan’s first women-only internet cafe.

Hollaback Baltimore holds first ever Street Harassment water balloon fight! THIS IS A MUST WATCH VIDEO:

Hollaback South Africa fights for women to be allowed to sing in public. Check out this video of their powerful campaign:

Whew! Whatta week. It wouldn’t be possible without your support.

HOLLA and out –


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  1. A lotta times when I walk home a car stops and a man asks me if I want to get in. There is not any prostitutes out on the street here but I guess they think anyone who walks is a hooker? I dress covered up and am 40 but not bad looking I guess? I don’t think they care anyway. 2 days ago someone stopped and I thought they were going to force me into the car. I ran so hard to get away my legs still hurt.how do I stay in control? What do I do?

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