Dear mister,

Dear mister,

I hereby would like to sincerely apologize, for having ignored your questions today.
I must say that I’m not proud of myself. And I will try to be nicer the next time.

This being said, I would also like to take a moment to help you with your search.
If I understood correctly, you are looking for someone to fuck.

Allow me to point out, that shouting at a random girl, might not be a good way to handle it.
Women kind of need foreplay, you see.

I advise you to try eye contact the next time. And some small talk, before asking the girl on a proper date. A nice restaurant. Maybe a movie.
It takes some effort, but I’m sure you’ll multiply your chances of getting lucky very fast.

On the other hand, if you already know that women need some warming up, this becomes a whole other story. In that case I think you should find out why you enjoy being impolite.

Is it because your mother and sister hit you repeatedly, which made you hate all women? Or do you just have a teeny-tiny little weiner?

Whatever the issue may be, I truly hope you understand what your problem is.
Because I sure don’t.

Any which way, I wish you a good day and a quick lay.

Kind regards,


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