A week in our shoes: CATS AGAINST CATCALLING

Hey Hollabackers —

I’m on vacation this week, but our fierce staff and volunteers are keeping the movement moving (with your support of course)! Here’s the roundup:

CATS against CATCALLING tumblr launches! Check it out — and if you love it — spread the word! We’ll have it up for a month, and longer if it takes off.  You can submit your own “kitteh” too!


Hollaback! Melbourne Organizes a Site Launch Party! Entry is $5 and includes tea/coffee, special ‘holla’ cupcakes, a Hollaback badge and an arts and crafts station. Guest speaker Lauren Rosewarne will be speaking at 8pm. More details are here.


Hollaback NYC Calls for Local Assemblymember who Sexually Harassed Staff to Step Down.  We wrote the statement last Saturday, a day after the allegations were made public, and he stepped down as Brooklyn party boss later in the week.  We’re continuing to push for him step down from his Assembly seat, so stay tuned. Our full statement can be found here.


Boston Chalked it up! Check out their street art here (and to the right!).


Rebecca Faria, Founder of Hollaback! Halifax spoke at “Walk With Her: DIY Healthcare.” The description reads, “The healthcare debate has never been so heated, but we’re meeting outside the OR rooms and talking about the things that really do matter most; building walkable cities, accessible mental health services, and how to make “local” more than a slogan.” We couldn’t agree more! Details for the event are here and you can follow Hollaback Halifax on facebook here. Hollaback Halifax has been embraced by the recently launched “GAYBOURHOOD WATCH,” a community organization to prevent crime and violence in Halifax’s gay neighbourhood. Check out their press mentions on CBC (Hollaback ismentioned at 5:40 and again about a minute later), Metronews, and Openfile.


Hollaback Turkey in the News! Check them out in Today’s Zaman and the SES Turkiye.


Don’t we have the best team in the world? I think so. And you’re part of it.


HOLLA and out —




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