A week in our shoes: HOT DAYS, COOL DONORS

Hey Hollabackers —

We have the coolest donors in the world.  And no, we don’t just think you all are awesome because you keep us alive and afloat, we think you are awesome because you do things like this – one of my favorite Hollabacks of all time. SuperRavenRay is a repeat donor to Hollaback, and as you can see, a total and complete badass.  Not to be outdone, I also had the honor of meeting with Cynthia Khoo this week.  She’s a repeat donor who runs THIS BLOG.  If you’re a donor and would like to come by and meet us in person, drop me a line!


Last week to vote for Hollaback PhillyThey write, “You heard about our advertising campaign for the Philadelphia subway lines. Help us expand that campaign to include more ads, and push us toward our goal of getting ads in bus shelters in Philadelphia!” Visit their project page and click “Vote for this Idea.”  If they win, they’ll recieve the $1000 needed to bring anti-harassment ads to the Philly bus shelters!


Welcome, Shahinaz! Shahinaz El Hennawi is our new international movement fellow. She comes to us from Egypt, where she has over eight years experience in projects related to women, youth and peace building. She’s now part of the “Community Solutions Fellows” program, and is with us full-time until the end of November.  You can read her full bio, here, or reach her at [email protected]


HOLLA and out —


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