A week in our shoes: THINGS THAT RULE EDITION

Hey Hollabackers!

We hope you’re having a beautiful harassment-free summer! Here’s what we’ve been up to this week:

Interns rule.  A big thank you to our summer interns Sunny Frothingham and Rikera Taylor.  Sunny worked on this year’s “State of the Streets” report, which will be released this fall, and in doing so elevated the voices of our site leaders internationally.  Rikera developed these amazing HOW-TO guides that are now on our site, ramped up our resources, and brought in 500 new facebook fans and 500 new twitter followers in only two months. Way to go Sunny and Rikera, your legacy will be long-lasting here at Hollaback.

You rule, gropers drool.  Yesterday we put a call out on social media for folks to tell their stories of groping for piece that NBC is interested in doing — and you responded in droves! In only 8 hours, we collected over 25 stories.  Thank you for your quick work, and we’ll keep you posted on the release of the piece!

Partners rule.  We were grateful to meet with Jan Bindas-Tenney, the new co-executive director of RightRides and coordinator for New Yorkers for Safe Transit. If you live in the Sunset Park community, check out New Yorkers for Safe Transit’s upcoming event.   We were also honored to present to the talented team at PCI Media Impact this week — stay tuned for details on a partnership with them!

HOLLA and out —




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