Celina’s Story: “He seemed genuinely embarrassed”

one time i was walking down the street with some friends and i passed this man who was leaning against a wall, staring at women as they passed by.

he wasn’t interested in me (praise be to the gods) but he was interested in a woman that was walking past from the other direction.

he watched her and said (while staring at her ass), “mmmm.. lookin’ good. lookin’ real good.”

the woman ignored it, but i was just too repulsed to leave it alone so i stopped on the sidewalk, turned around, and caught him square in the eye with such a look of disgust that imagining it now seems sort of comical. he already seemed caught off guard, but i added, with as much feeling as i could muster without shouting, “ew!”

he seemed genuinely embarrassed. he broke eye contact and stared at his feet until i stopped looking at him and moved on.