Shout Out to Everyone Who Donated to Hollaback!’s College Campus Campaign


Dear Hollabackers,


We would like to give a special thanks to everyone who donated to our Indiegogo campaign against campus harassment. We have been busy mailing out Hollaback! tote bags, Hollaback! stickers, and cool “I’ve Got Your Back Pins” to our awesome donors. We also sent Hollaback t-shirts to our social media contest winners. We hope that you wear your new Hollaback! gear with pride, knowing that you are helping bring awareness to campus and street harassment. We are now one step closer to ending sexual harassment on college campuses and around the world.

Here’s some more very exciting news for you: New York University will soon become the first college to host its own on-campus Hollaback! The launch of NYU’s Hollaback! is slated for this coming fall, and the team here at Hollaback! headquarters is looking forward to working closely with the NYU site leaders over the course of the coming school year. You can follow Hollaback! NYU on Twitter

Or join their Facebook page here:

This summer, we’ll be working on creating how-to guides and educational resources so that even more students can bring Hollaback! to their college campuses in the future!


HOLLA and out-

Hollaback Interns


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