Month: June 2012

New Comedy Video “Cat Called”

  Here’s a new video from Chescaleigh, better known as the girl who did “Sh*t White Girls Say to Black Girls” — on street harassment! Check it out and let us know what you think!  

A Note To Men Who Want To Flirt With Women

Cross Posted from Hollaback! Boston I’ve been looking for a way to describe this feeling that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately. It’s this feeling of always being on guard, of bracing myself for harassment, of anticipation and expectation of my boundaries being disrespected and breached. And I found exactly what I’ve been feeling … Continued

Irene’s Story: Campus Security Never Caught Her Harasser

Irene is a typical college student. One evening, she and a female friend were waiting outside their classroom, when suddenly, they were accosted by a man. The man told them a sad tale of being unemployed, homeless and hungry. Taking pity on him, the students fed him. After the meal, the man’s demeanor changed. He … Continued

Hollaback! Brussels Gets Major Backing!

BY DIANA EMIKO TSUCHIDA The talented movers and shakers of Hollaback! Brussels have made media waves and incredible political progress in the last two weeks, by capturing the backing of Equal Opportunity Minister P. Smet and Brussels’ Parliament Member Yamila Idrissi in the fight to end street harassment in Brussels. In recent times, Idrissi has … Continued

Heather’s story: Can’t walk a mile in a summer dress

My mother always taught me to wear loose clothing, jeans, and high-neck shirts when walking around. I think it’s because she knows people, and knows how horribly they act with young women. However, I go to school in a different area of the state and have become very comfortable running to the store with a … Continued

Paige’s story: We are only in 7th grade

At school the males always smack the girls butts or even grope our breasts and other things. We are only in 7th grade I think It’s completely uncalled for and the teachers don’t do anything! I think I am about to stand up for us! [got_back]

Dayanita’s Story: “I dress for myself, not others”

I had just left an interview for a summer internship with one of the top International Development Consulting groups in the world. I was excited and anxious about how it went, I called my best friend in California to tell her all about it as I walked home. Nothing could have stopped me in that … Continued

A week in our shoes: CAMPAIGN COUNTDOWN!

Hey Hollabackers! Between our first-ever board retreat at the OMEGA institute (which got a Wall Street Journal shout-out!) and the American Express/Ashoka Social Entrepreneur Boot Camp (thanks to the Women’s Media Center for promoting this!), last week was a week of strategy, strategy, strategy. So much strategy (and travel), that we missed writing our weekly … Continued