Denise’s Story: “A serious international problem”

I was on a regional train, going towards Reggio Calabria, South of Italy. At the train stop “Villa”, many people got off the train. A guy was sitting in front of me. We were almost alone, there was only a man on the backside but he was far. The guy sitting in front of me began masturbating. I realised that later, as I wasn’t watching him for a long time. So I got up and shouted, then I escaped. Because of the rush, I moved towards the empty part of the train: absolutely no one was there. So I decided to go back (I had no choice really) and then it happened the thing that I feared the most: I met that guy; as I feared, he was coming towards me. I blew him with the elbow and ran to the ticket collector and told him what happened. Terrible.
I was really terrified when I saw the guy following me, realising that no one could help me. Now I’m quite shocked. I don’t know I didn’t call the police: I just wanted to go home. But now I regret not having done it.

I shared this even if I’m far from NY, because I think street harassment is a SERIOUS international problem.

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